Do you have a Border Terrier? Is it not just one breed of dog that is just impossible not to love? From its looks alone, you will swoon over it like a little kid in love with a new toy. If you take an even closer look, it will probably be considered by you the best breed of dog out there. Highly intelligent, easy to train, loves to please its masters and owners, and gets along amazingly with children, whether little or older, Border Terriers are great overall family dogs. That being said, Border Terrier care should still be a must, for there are still a few rough edges to the Border Terrier which can be fixed right away with the proper training and care for these dogs.

Border Terrier care should be started from the stage of puppyhood, when these dogs, as well as any other breed of dog is most vulnerable. Make sure they are comfortable wherever you place them to sleep. Give them lots of food and water for those times you are not around to give it to them. Regularly clean out their cages or pens or wherever else they are placed to sleep. Train them the proper rules of obedience and house rules during their formative months, and you will have completed, sort of stage 1 of taking care of the Border Terrier.

Stage2 of Border Terrier care gives more emphasis to grooming and exercise. These dogs have a distinct coat to them, that will always stand out, since they vary from curly to not tangled at all. Regularly brush these dogs coats and you will have healthy locks of hair on these great dogs.

Exercising these dogs will probably not be as difficult as you would think. Border Terriers love to run, so give them an open space to do so and they will practically exercise themselves out. Just be sure to keep yourself involved in their supposedly daily exercise times for them to feel that you want to play with them, and your Border Terrier will surely make itself even easier to take care of.

Border Terrier care might border on the simple, but it is not really all that easy. Taking care of this breed of dog may not be as difficult as taking care of a Rottweiler or a Doberman, but they sure are a handful themselves; it would require some time.