Border Terrier Grooming doesn’t require too much effort since it can be done with just some simple steps. The time allotted for it is also minimal so its very easy to maintain their pleasant appearance. A Border Terrier has dense and short undercoat and a thin but strong topcoat, and this type of coats look their very best when they are natural and not too made up. Because of this, taking care of its grooming needs is very easy.
Brushing the dog from time to time is important to keep it clean and neat. Once a day brushing may be ideal for this breed since it can keep dry dirt away. Also, through brushing, dead hairs and loose undercoat would be removed. However, owners should also keep in mind that they should not overdo the brushing since doing it too often may result to a ruined overcoat. Ideally, a slicker brush should be used to untangle the undercoat, while a nylon brush can be the best type to use for the topcoat. An important reminder on Border Terrier Grooming is not to clip the coat since this can affect new hair growth and the hair will become tangled and look really messy. What should be trimmed are just the hair surrounding the eyes and the whiskers.

It is important to know that bathing a Border Terrier should only be done in cases of emergency or if there is a dire need to do so. Usually, the dirt that it gets are easily brushed out. The top coat of this dog breed is water resistant and when the oil in it is removed by using shampoo, it will pick up all kinds of dirt more easily. If bathing becomes a must, then using water would be enough.

Part of the Border Terrier Grooming is nail clipping. This should be done often but clipping should be very little. The nails of the puppies should be clipped at a regular basis, though people should be very careful in doing it, making sure that any blood vessel is not cut unintentionally.

Border Terrier Grooming should also consist of hand stripping. This means pulling the dogs hair out. But be sure that the dog is not hurt in the process. To do this the right way, you need to pull the hair in the direction where it grows and strip the hairs evenly. If you are not sure about how to do it properly, you can ask a professional to show you how to do it or make the person do the stripping for you.