Want to own a dog? Why not consider owning a Border Terrier? These dogs, like all dogs of the terrier class of dogs, are great pets. Great with children, but with just the right kick to be robust and strong-willed dogs, the Border Terrier is an overall great mixture of the traits of a great and amazing dog. It will be difficult to not love these dogs, as their appearance alone makes them famous (they look like Snowy, the cartoon character Tin-Tins dog). If there is one breed of dog that a future and prospective dog owner would really consider having, it is this one.

The Border Terrier is a medium-sized dog which gets its name from the borders of Scotland and England where it was bred by farmers and herders in that area. This breed of dog was probably one of the first types of terriers in England. They have been bred to have long enough legs to keep up with the animals they were to herd or take care of. They have sturdy bones for them to be able to run effortlessly and tirelessly. Do not be fooled, for even if this dog is not as big as that of the Mastiff breeds, it is quite the brave hunter.

A surprising breed of dog, the Border Terrier is very mild-mannered when it comes to humans. When it get to work, however, that is, rounding out whatever it was trained to round out, it is formidable and quite the fearsome dog. They balance the great lovability children have for it, along with the chops to bring and herd together whatever group of animals it needs to be herding. Affectionate and not aggressive, yet also vigilant and bold, this type of terrier is one to be kept an eye on.

The Border Terrier has a height that varies from around 11 to 16 inches (bitches included); it has a weight of about 11 to 16 pounds (bitches included).

Coat Care:
The Border Terriers coat consists of a double layer coating of dense, short, and soft undercoat; it has a callous dirt and wiry weather-resistant outer coat to protect it from that weather it originated from.

Family Life:
As mentioned earlier, the Border Terrier is a great family dog, as it not only gets along well with people, but it gets along exceptionally well with small children and has a very mild-mannered and calm temperament.

The Border Terrier should be trained to be used to whatever standard of living its owner or owners have; always make them accustomed to whatever will be the norm of its life with you.

The life expectancy of this terrier is about 15 years; aside from a few common health problems such as hip dysplasia (sometimes though it may be prone to Canine Epileptiod Cramping Syndrome or CECS), it is generally healthy.

This dog loves to run and should be allowed to do so in big open spaces.

Like all types of terriers, the Border Terrier is not different in that it is fairly easy to train; it is a dog which was bred to be trained quickly and efficiently.