A huge percentage of the pet lovers and pet owners are into dogs and their different breeds. But gone are the days that they want only the famous breeds as their pets. They want something new to brag about in the parks and the streets when they walk their pets.
So for those asking of a rather unique dog kind, a border terrier puppy can be a great type to consider.

A border terrier puppy runs in the clan of the dog terriers. It is a small kind of breed and dogs like these are roughly coated and their heads are otter-shaped. Alike to some other breeds, his ears are V-shaped and he has tiny little whiskers. Normally their tails are also short yet thick.

This dog is said to have a strong personality and can tend to be a little stubborn sometimes. Yet he is still very friendly, not easily angered or irritated and is good for kids to play with. He is to be careful with, though, especially when there are other tiny pets in the house. Hell chase small pets away when he sees them.

When it comes to activities, our lovely puppy is very talented. He loves to do different tasks and activities and is easily trained to do different stunts and actions. Border terriers are surprisingly gifted of swiftness in running and they can jump high because they are little and are less in weight. The terrier breed has outstanding agility in physically-involved movements like running, jumping, doing see-saws and the like. And since they are a very strong-willed kind, they take their trainings seriously and have come out very quick learners.

A border terrier puppy is also a breed that doctors recommend for therapy for children, the old-aged and the physically challenged like deaf and blind. They are very loving and lovable dogs and they are capable of even temperament. Pet lovers will also delight how these babies are easy to adapt to any kind of environment as they tend to watch and observe the going-ons of their surroundings and cope with it.

Although there are other puppies good to be pets, the border terrier puppy have something peculiar beyond its appearance that make them stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Still, the key to breed picking is to discover a kind that is perfect to your condition and capability to care for pets. You’ll find out even more that its not only fun to keep a pet but it changes you and making you better as a person, too!