Pets have always been an integral part of any family. Providing unconditional love, fun and playful times, and unbridled joy, any family would be lucky to have a pet. And for those that have adopted a Border Terrier puppy for their own family, what are the need to know information about them?
Know that the Border Terrier puppy can be a handful and taking care of them is a full time responsibility, which is why the decision to adopt this breed should not be taken lightly.

A Border Terrier is relatively small even when fully grown, weighing only at around 15 pounds, usually standing at about 15 inches at the shoulder. Featuring a slight snub to the nose, short, powerful muzzle, triangular ears, and tails that are thick and short, their coats can come in several different colors.

With that said, Border terrier puppies are born with fairly soft coats, which will eventually grow into double layering as they mature. The outer coat, which requires frequent grooming, is resistant to dirt and water. For grooming, the Border terriers require stripping yearly to make their shedding process much more manageable.

And for the Border terriers part, they seem to enjoy the stripping process so there are no worries of stressing them.

When it comes to their behavior, the Border Terrier puppy lives for your attention. This means that they would want you to touch and pet them as much as possible. They also do well and enjoy in large companies, so Border terrier puppies are perfect for large families.

Since they are working dogs, Border terrier puppies must be taught basic obedience so as to respond to your commands and agility training while they are still early in life. Expert trainers suggest that in training Border terrier puppies, one primary person should be the one to handle them.

Border terrier puppies, for some reason, live for challenging tasks such as obstacle courses; they are more willing to go through obstacles than doing tricks.

Keep in mind that small animals and other small pets must be kept away from Border terriers as they have a tendency to pounce on them.

Because Border terriers can move with incredible bursts of energy, they require a lot of exercise and stimulation. And though this may be the case, they do not really possess high endurance when they are tired, they can be quite stubborn, taking breaks in their own volition.

What probably sets Border terrier puppies and mature Border terriers is that fact that they are very observant. This means they like to spend their times looking about at the scenery around them.

Another plus is their loyalty they can really show their loyalty to their family by sticking to them and generally knowing who they are. Clever in their own way, even when they are still pups, Border terriers are great lifelong companions.

Border terrier puppies are great to adopt, just make sure that you are ready for the responsibilities so that when they reach fully maturity, you will be reaping all of the benefits.