What could be cuter, more loveable, and fit more for a family as a family dog than a Border Terrier? This breed of dog is one of the best dogs to have around in a home, probably also because it is a Terrier, and Terriers particularly have a great reputation as family dogs. With a face that like of Toto, Dorothys dog in The Wizard of Oz, and a medium-sized body perfect for running and hunting out in the open, the Border Terrier is overall, an amazing dog. They do, however, like all dogs, need training first, and though Border Terrier training does not vary that much from trainings of other breeds of dog, there are still some concerns regarding its overall temperament, which it should either be trained around, or out off.

Border Terrier training should start at a very young and early age. Border Terrier puppies are generally playful and mild-mannered, especially toward children and other animals or pets. Then again, so are all puppies. Once this breed of dog grows up, their natural temperament suggests that they are not advised to be around other pets or other animals, as they have an assertiveness or Alpha syndrome to them. This may be controlled or filtered, luckily, through proper training.

Border Terrier training usually starts off at around 4 months after they are born. It is around this time that these dogs, as well as any other breed of dog, are would be most trainable and teachable. Obedience training should always come first, and the establishment of who the Alpha is, that is, you, should be incorporated in them while they are still young, to prevent any unwanted instances to happen.

Obedience training starts off with simple one-word commands which the Border Terrier would easily understand, such as stand, sit, down, go, and most commonly, no. they are smart dogs which are easy to train, so always correspond the words with the action which you want it to correspond to, and the Border Terriers will do the rest.

Next in the Border Terrier training agenda would often be the most time-consuming and temperature-boiling partthe potty training. Potty training and overall house training, when it comes to any breed of dog, requires not only time, but lots and lots of patience. This is why it is best to train your Border Terriers whilst they are still in the formative months of their lives.

Potty training Border Terriers is just like potty training any other breed of dog. Always bring them outside, or to the designated area wherein you would want it to always do its business forever (this should be on newspaper or something easily disposable, and not a specific spot). Make them sit and wait until they do their deeds, and make them know that going anywhere else but that spot, or outside, will result in them being punished.

One last thing you would want when it comes to Border Terrier training is socialization. Never rob these dogs of the chances to interact with not only people, children and other strangers, but more importantly, other animals. Train them to be comfortable around other animals and people, and your training of your very own Border Terrier will have been complete.